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Commercial Waste Collection Service

Commercial Waste Collection Terms and Conditions

Customers are responsible for the containers whilst on their premises. They must not be stored where they can cause nuisance or on a public highway.

The containers remain the property of Sevenoaks District Council and may not be used for any other purpose than the storage of waste that is to be collected by the Council. We will seek to recover any costs incurred due to damage by vandalism, fire or misuse resulting in the containers having to be replaced. Each container costs in the region of £230 each. It is your responsibility to report any known damage of your allocated bin to the Council.

Adjustments to the size of your containers or the frequency of the collections can be made as needed.

There is a Duty of Care Levy payable in June annually of £152.00 for both container and sack customers.

Collections start at 7AM therefore ALL customer waste must be available for collection from this time. It is essential that vehicular access is available to the Council’s collectors. Customers will not be refunded if collectors are prevented from collecting by blocked or inadequate access or locked gates. The Council will endeavour to collect any missed collections due to access as soon as is possible.

No refund will be made where the number of containers required to be emptied on any collection is less than the current number stated in the Bin Agreement. If you do NOT want your bin to be emptied for any period of time such as holidays or closures it is your responsibility to contact us with a 2 week notice period to suspend the collection. Please be specific with your particular dates and requirements.

Collections will be for the contracted amount only, side waste (waste that is not contained within the closed container) can be collected on request but a separate charge will be levied for the service.

The materials to be collected shall be as stated on the Waste Transfer Note and presented as uncompacted commercial waste.

The Council will not accept any waste which by reason of material, size or weight is difficult to collect or dispose of. Waste needs to be evenly distributed in the container(s).

No explosive, hazardous, infectious, noxious, builder’s materials, or household waste shall be included with the commercial waste, this includes cooking oil, tins of paint, automotive parts, faeces or animal bi products (please see our website for further details). Bins will not be collected if any of these items are included in your waste.

Recycle containers must only contain paper and cardboard.

We reserve the right to vary the day of collection. The Council will endeavour to ensure all Bank Holiday Collection information is communicated to its customers and will be available at Any permanent changes to collection days will be notified in writing.

Invoices for this service will be issued on a four weekly basis with payment due within 21 days of the date of each invoice. Receipts will not be issued unless specifically requested.

The Council is not permitted to undertake any service outside the terms of the Agreement and furthermore the Customer shall not entice operators to do so.

Should a customer breach any of the conditions of the agreement or where the Council considers that the service may place a risk to any person, goods, vehicles, equipment or property, we reserve the right to remove the containers and terminate the contract.

Otherwise, this agreement will continue until either party give 28 days’ notice in writing of their intent to terminate.

Should an account fall into arrears, we reserve the right to stop the service, remove the containers and terminate the contract. Debts will be referred to a Collection Agency to recover on our behalf.

April 2023