Fly-tipping | Sevenoaks District Council


If you are witnessing fly-tipping (illegal dumping of rubbish) as it is happening please dial 101, the Police non-emergency number, to report the incident.

To report all other fly-tipping within the District, please complete our online form.

Report online

This includes:
•    fly-tipped waste on the highway, including the carriageway
•    footways
•    verges and lay-bys

Caravans, trailers and motorcycles should be reported as abandoned vehicles, not fly-tipping.

When reporting, please tell us if there is a carriageway obstruction. This is where a vehicle has to stop, swerve or take evasive action to avoid driving into the fly-tipped material on the carriageway. It is not considered a carriageway obstruction if traffic does not have to deviate or take specific action to pass by.

We will record the location and inform Kent Highways who will make the area safe with traffic management or clear it under its highways emergency procedures.  

Please note we will not clear fly-tipping reported on private land or a private road. This is the responsibility of the owner.

For abandoned shopping trolleys, please contact the store manager of the relevant store.  We will only remove trollies as fly-tipping if is not clear from the trolley where the shopping trolley has come from.

If you suspect a landowner is using land for large-scale commercial fly-tipping, please find details and how to report this on the GOV.UK website


Information for landowners

Requests for ‘no fly-tipping’ signs to be erected will be assessed on an individual basis. These signs are not approved by the Department of Transport and must not be erected on the highway without authorisation.

Because the areas targeted for fly-tipping are usually very rural and remote, signs only prove effective if witnesses are prepared to support any enforcement action taken forward.

Cameras may be installed if available in cases where there is a significant problem with fly-tipping and if evidence quality images can be obtained.