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Home composting

We've teamed up with Getcomposting.com to offer you a discounted home composting bin. For as little as £17.98 (plus £5.99 delivery) you can compost your uncooked vegetable and fruit kitchen peelings, as well as tea bags and coffee grounds and filters, at home.

Visit the Getcomposting.com website to see more about the offer and other products to help reduce household waste.

  • Around a third of household waste is made up of kitchen waste such as vegetable and fruit peelings, left-over or unused raw fruit and vegetables, tea bags and coffee grounds, which can all be composted at home.
  • All products offered on the Getcomposting.com website are provided by Getcomposting, not Sevenoaks District Council. Should you experience any problems with your order, please contact Getcomposting.

Food Waste Digester Discount Scheme

A food waste digester can be filled with biodegradable kitchen waste such as bones, meat, fish, bread, rice, cake and food that will break down. They offer an environmentally friendly way to dispose of your food waste, diverting it from landfill, and an end to smelly dustbins. They produce high quality, organic compost or liquid feed as an added benefit for your garden.

The Green Johanna (330 litre) is designed to sit in a shady part of the garden. The temperature inside remains higher than the outside temperature. You can put all cooked and uncooked food waste, as well as a proportion of your garden waste (one part garden waste, two parts food is the ideal mix). It produces rich compost in a 4-6 months which can be used in the garden.

The Green Cone (80 litre) is designed to sit in a sunny position throughout the year on a well-drained garden and needs to be dug into the garden. You can put all cooked and uncooked food waste into the underground digestion chamber, but not garden waste. The degradation of the food happens below the ground level, reducing the contents to their natural components of water and carbon dioxide. These seep out into the surrounding garden and soil, therefore acting as a natural, liquid fertiliser for your garden.

How much do they cost?

As a Sevenoaks resident, you are entitled to purchase a food digester at the special, limited offer discounted prices below:

The Green Johanna - £79.99 – Inc VAT and free delivery (recommend retail price £119.99). Includes digester, assembly instructions and guide to composting booklet.

The Green Cone - £66.66 Inc VAT and free delivery (recommend retail price £99.99). Includes digester, assembly instruction, free kitchen caddy, accelerator powder and shaker and DVD – An Introduction to Food Waste Digesters.

Purchase a unit directly from Great Green Systems either online or by ringing 0800 013 1304.

Further information

Visit the Recycle Now website for practical advice and support for beginners and experienced composters, or the Association for Organics Recycling website.

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