What to put in your rubbish and recycling sacks | Sevenoaks District Council

What to put in your rubbish and recycling sacks

Every week we collect your rubbish and recycling. Your rubbish and recycling should be placed at your property boundary, or communal bin, by 7am on your collection day.

We do not supply waste sacks. Please put your waste in suitable sacks made for household waste. We may not collect your waste if you use any other type of sack or bag.

We deliver a roll of 30 clear recycling sacks to your home every 20 weeks. Please tell us if you have not received a delivery of clear sacks in over six months.

Report a missed clear sack delivery

If you’ve just moved to the District, you can register for an initial supply of clear sacks to be delivered to your new address.

Recycling using your clear sacks

You can put the following clean items into your clear sacks:

  • Newspapers, magazines, other paper and shredded documents
  • Cardboard boxes and packaging. If a box is too big to go in your sack, flatten it and place it under the sack or please take to your local cardboard recycling bank.
  • Cans, including empty aerosol cans, tins, metal bottle tops, jar lids, biscuit and sweet tins
  • Tetra Pak® and other food, drink and long-life cartons
  • Aluminium take-away and ready-meal trays, meals-on-wheels trays and clean kitchen foil
  • Plastic bottles and tops. Please do not include plastic bottles from hazardous chemical containers or motor oils and spray and push tops
  • Plastic yoghurt pots, margarine and ice cream tubs, fruit baskets and trays. Please put black plastic pots, tubs, trays or lids, or film lids in your black sacks.

Waste sacks

  • For household rubbish that cannot be recycled
  • Please do not put any sharp objects in these sacks
  • Please do not place items such as textiles, carpets, small electrical items, full aerosol cans or batteries. These must be taken to the local Household Waste Recycling Centre or recycling bring sites
  • Your waste sacks are taken to a waste to energy plant when they are burnt to generate electricity.

Rubbish bins

If you are planning to use a bin to store your rubbish and recycling, please use a smaller traditional 80 to 90-litre dustbin.

If you use a wheelie bin, you will need to remove your sacks from your bin before your collection or put a sturdy box in the bottom of your bin so our collectors can reach the bottom sacks.