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Warm Spaces

Many households are struggling with the cost of living, including steep rises in the price of energy. People are facing tough decisions about if and when to heat their home.

To help residents, we're working with the local councils, businesses and other organisations to provide a Warm Spaces directory.

Warm Spaces are safe and friendly public places where people of all ages can go to comfortably spend time reading, studying, chatting with others and meeting new people in their community.

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Our Warm Space Charter sets out what you can expect when you visit a Warm Space.

Register to become a Warm Space

If you run a business or a community space in the Sevenoaks District and you want to make it available as a Warm Space, sign up to our Warm Spaces directory.

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National Warm Space register

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Please email communities@sevenoaks.gov.uk for more information.