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Types of application

Building Notice

A building notice can only be used for domestic work and is only advisable for smaller works such as underpinning, internal alterations or re-roofing and does not require the submission of plans with the notice. If you do choose this method for larger works such as a conversion or extension a location plan will be required at a scale of no less than 1:1250.

The exception to this would be if your project is within 3m of a public sewer. Unless you already have a “Build Over Agreement” you will need to submit a Full Plans Application.

We may require further details to be submitted before or during the construction process, e.g. calculations to ensure compliance, but we will make you aware of this as early as possible.

Once a notice has been received and providing all details are correct, a building notice acknowledgement will be issued. Works can then start on site within 48 hours. You should be confident that your builder is competent to work without a set of plans annotated to show compliance with the building regulations and has a good understanding of current legislation.

Advantages of a Building Notice

  • Ideal for minor works
  • Works can begin 48 hours after submitting the Building Notice, application fee and site plan (subject to Planning Permission)
  • Detailed plans are not always required resulting in savings in time and cost
  • A good choice if you are employing an experienced builder
  • You save time and money by not having to prepare and submit detailed plans.

With this procedure you must be confident that the works will comply with the Building Regulations or there is a risk of having to correct it after inspection. You may be asked to submit plans and calculations at a later stage to show your proposals comply with the Building Regulations.