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Types of application

Full Plans

This type of application is usually submitted by an agent or architect. Plans are deposited and checked for compliance with the building regulations and at the end an approval is issued. This requires the submission of constructional drawings, details and a specification of the intended scheme before work starts on site. All buildings which fall within the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 i.e. shops, offices etc. must be submitted by this method.

One of our building control surveyors will carry out a detailed appraisal of the proposals and request any additional information if it is needed. Once compliance has been achieved, an approval will be issued which remains valid for three years from the date of deposit of the application. Minor variations in construction can be agreed as work progresses; however major changes may require amended plans and further details to be submitted.


Advantages of full plans

  • The process of preparing the plans allows you to carefully consider your proposals and receive professional advice
  • You can see your proposals on plan giving you a clear indication of how they will affect your property and if the works will meet your needs
  • It will be easier for the builder to prepare an accurate quotation since they will have detailed plans to refer to
  • It will be easier to explain to your builder what works you are proposing and there will be less room for error and disputes
  • The plans will form part of a contract between you and your builder
  • If you are borrowing money in order to finance your proposals, you may need to have plans to show the bank or building society
  • You will receive an Approval Notice for the works
  • If your contractor builds in accordance with the approved plans, you can be confident of compliance with the Building Regulations
  • The plans will form a historical record of the works that have been carried out and can be lodged with the deeds of your property.