Dropped kerbs advice for householders | Sevenoaks District Council

Dropped kerbs advice for householders

If you want to install a dropped kerb or create a vehicle access from a residential property (excluding flats) on to a public road, you will need permission from Kent County Council.

If the dropped kerb is on a private land, these procedures do not apply and you should seek permission from the landowner.

Visit the Kent County Council website for more information about dropped kerbs.

Before you apply to Kent County Council, you should check if you need Planning Permission from us.

Find out if you need planning permission for a dropped kerb

Search for your road using our road classification tool. Roads appear as coloured lines. Use the legend to confirm your road's classification.

  • If your road is a classified road (A, B, or C road), you will need to apply for planning permission (household consent)
  • If your road is unclassified or a private road, you do not need planning permission. Download or print this self-assessment letter and send it to Kent County Council when you apply for a dropped kerb.
  • If your road is part classified and part unclassified or if you are having difficulty reading the map, please contact us for further advice.

Apply for a dropped kerb on Sevenoaks District Council land

If you want to install a dropped kerb on land you believe we own, please contact our Property Team at property@sevenoaks.gov.uk. Please include the location of the proposed drop kerb and details of your proposal. Charges apply.

Additional works

If you are considering additional works, such as an off-road area to park your vehicle, you may require planning permission even if planning permission is not required for a dropped kerb.

For formal advice as to whether you require planning permission, apply for a Lawful Development Certificate.