Abandoned vehicles | Sevenoaks District Council

Abandoned vehicles

We have the powers to deal with abandoned vehicles on the public highway or on our land. We may be able to help landowners, such as housing associations, to remove vehicles from their land, including parking areas.

We can only investigate abandoned vehicles if the owner is not known and one or more of the following criteria are met:

  • The vehicle tax has expired by at least a month. Check if a vehicle is taxed
  • The vehicle is damaged (for example broken windows or missing body panels) or it is burned out  
  • A number plate is missing.

Before we take any action, we have to carry out checks with the DVLA and the Police. If we think the vehicle has been abandoned, a notice will be fixed to it and we will write to the registered keeper informing them the vehicle may be removed and possibly destroyed. If it is in a dangerous condition, the vehicle can be moved 24 hours after the notice has been fixed.

If the vehicle is not moved by the expiry date and time of the notice, we will instruct our contractor to remove the vehicle. Under normal circumstances, this usually takes up to seven days but sometimes it can take up to fifteen days.

If the vehicle owner comes forward, it cannot be removed.

Report an abandoned vehicle

It will be necessary to provide your own details such as name and address and contact phone number.

Vehicles on private land 

Vehicles on private land, such as National Trust, Woodland Trust, Moat or West Kent Housing Association parking areas, should be reported to the landowner.

It may not be possible for us to remove vehicles declared SORN on private land even with the landowner’s permission.


Untaxed vehicles and vehicles registered as SORN

Untaxed vehicles and SORN registered vehicle that are parked on the highway or being driven should be reported to the DVLA. It has the power to remove untaxed or SORN vehicles

Check if a vehicle is taxed, declared SORN or report an untaxed vehicle online - GOV.UK


Nuisance vehicles

Nuisance vehicles should be report to Kent Police. It has the powers to immediately remove any vehicle which is causing an obstruction or it likely to cause danger.