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Apply for planning permission

What you need to submit

Important copyright notice: before you submit plans or documents, you must make sure you hold the copyright. We will display any submitted plans and documents in public.

You can apply for planning permission in the following ways:

Apply online

Apply via the Planning Portal (please note a charge may apply)

Apply using a paper form

Please download and print an application form from the Planning Portal. Complete the form with the required information detailed in the relevant validation checklist(s) below. Copies of the forms are also available from us on request.

Send your completed form by post or deliver by hand to: Development Management Service, Council Offices, Argyle Road, Sevenoaks  TN13 1HG or by email to planning.validation@sevenoaks.gov.uk

Apply to carry out works to trees

Before you apply, please check the status of the tree to see if permission if required to carry out the works.

Apply to carry out works to trees.

Validation checklist(s)

For each type of planning application, you'll also need to submit:

  • the correct validation checklist(s), and
  • the required documentation detailed within each validation checklist

The validation checklist is required whether you apply online or using paper forms.

Download the validation checklist(s) 

Contact us if you need help completing your application.