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Walking, wheeling and cycling routes

We are currently working on a number of environmentally-friendly walking, wheeling and cycle schemes across the District.

The proposed routes will provide people on foot, wheelers (people on scooters, parents with prams and wheelchair users) and riders with safe routes in towns and between some towns and villages.

Sevenoaks town East to West route

We are keen to hear your views on the revised designs for the Sevenoaks town East to West cycle and walking route.

Our survey is open until 11.59pm on Monday 3 June 2024.

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Background to our survey

In June and July 2023, we asked the community for their views on our detailed plans for a route linking Wildernesse in the east to Riverhead in the west of Sevenoaks. The public were asked for their thoughts on specific sections of the route and if they supported the proposal. We received almost 500 responses and have refined the scheme in light of the comments. This showed strong overall support for the route (61%), but raised some concerns with the Bradbourne Park Road and St James’s Road sections. You can view the full results of the consultation.

We have revised the design to overcome the issues raised through the consultation and are now asking for your views before we finalise our plans ready for construction later this year.

View our Sevenoaks Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan.

Otford to Sevenoaks via Seal

We are at the early stages of developing a walking, wheeling and cycling route linking Otford to Sevenoaks via Seal.

The proposed route could include significant improvements along the A25.


Otford to Sevenoaks

We are also developing a wheeling and cycling route linking Otford to Sevenoaks.

We have secured £184,000 from Active Travel England to develop detailed designs for this route and we have appointed transport experts Phil Jones Associates to carry out a feasibility study and outline route designs.

The proposed route could include significant improvements to the A225 and the busy Bat and Ball junction.

The final proposal will be submitted to Active Travel England as part of a bid to secure funding for construction of the route.


Swanley town

We have appointed cycling and walking experts Sustrans to help develop a new Walking and Cycling plan in Swanley.

In June 2023, Sustrans ran a consultation at White Oak Leisure Centre and an online consultation in July to gather views on possible routes and to understand what deters people from cycling and walking.

Sustrans have drafted a plan that will be used to bid for Government funding to build new walking and cycling routes in the town

View our Swanley Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan.