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Homelessness prevention and support

How we can help you

You can ask us for help and advice if you're homeless now or facing homelessness within eight weeks (56 days). This includes when you've received a section 21 notice.

What you need to do first?

Complete the Help with Homelessness form.

Your next steps

Start to gather evidence of your situation, such as:

  • Identity and immigration status (passport or ID card)
  • Why you have to leave your home (eviction notice)
  • Medical conditions (a letter from your doctor or hospital)
  • Children (birth certificates) or pregnancy (MATB1)
  • Proof of income (bank statements, wage slips, proof of benefits)

What we will do next?

Your situation will be checked to see if you qualify for emergency accommodation. An officer will be in touch with you within three working days to discuss the process and let you know what you might be entitled to.

Not everyone will be entitled to emergency accommodation. If you are entitled to this, it will be found for you as quickly as possible, but may not be available in the area that you are becoming homeless from.  

Our contact details

Telephone: 01732 227000

Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday 8.45am to 5pm, Friday 8.45am to 4.45pm

Email: housing@sevenoaks.gov.uk

If you are homeless tonight please call the number above for our 'out of hours' emergency support.


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