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Rough sleeper - advice and report

Report a rough sleeper

Some people sleep rough on the streets or elsewhere outside, including in a vehicle, as they do not have access to any form of temporary or permanent accommodation.

If you spot a rough sleeper in Sevenoaks District, please let us know so can offer them help and support. You can do this by:

I am a rough sleeper

If you're sleeping rough, have you asked if we can provide emergency housing? See what homeless support we can offer.

If we can't provide you with emergency housing, there are hostel organisations who may be able to help. Search for accommodation and homelessness services on Homeless Link

Hostels work on a priority basis from their own waiting list. It's important that you make contact with them as quickly as possible and request their application form. Make sure you provide a contact telephone number or arrange with someone who can pass on a message to you.

Once the hostel has assessed your application, you may be invited to attend an interview to make sure they can meet your needs.

Further help and support