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Apply to join the housing register

What is the Housing Register?

The Housing Register is a waiting list of people who are eligible to apply for social housing in the District. The demand for social housing in the District is greater than the number of properties available so waiting times can be long, typically around two years once you have been accepted on to the Housing Register.

How do I apply?

To apply to rent social housing in the District, you must first be accepted on to our Housing Register. You can complete a pre-assessment to see if you are eligible and complete the social housing application form. Both are available on the Kent Homechoice website. This is the only way you can join the Housing Register.

Visit Kent Homechoice and apply to join the housing register

What evidence is required?

Evidence of your situation will be required to support your application, such as:

  • Identity and immigration status (passport, driving licence or birth certificate)
  • Proof of address (driving licence, utility bill, tenancy agreement)
  • Medical conditions (a letter from your doctor or hospital)
  • Dependent children (proof of child benefit) or pregnancy (MATB1)
  • Proof of income (three months of bank statements, wage slips, proof of benefits)

How long does it take to assess my application?

You have 28 days from the date of your application to provide all the required documents. If we do not receive them within this timescale, your application will be incomplete and will be removed. 

Once all the documents have been provided, please allow a further four weeks for us to assess your application. We will contact you when your assessment is complete or if we require any additional information.

Housing associations

Housing associations provide social housing in the District, there are no council owned homes. Rents in social housing are affordable and are generally below private sector rents.

Some housing associations rent all or some of their properties through the Sevenoaks District Housing Register (via the Kent Homechoice website), others rent their properties directly to residents.

View housing associations in Kent

How do we decide who gets a home?

The Sevenoaks District Housing Allocations Policy sets out the process for allocating social housing through the register.

This includes who can apply to the register, how applications and bandings are assessed and how properties are allocated.

Local people with the greatest housing needs are prioritised for these homes.

View Housing Allocations Policy

For further advice and information

If you would like to discuss your application or have a query about the policy, please contact our Housing Register Team on 01732 227000 or email If you are concerned about your housing situation or are at risk of homelessness, please contact our Housing Advice Team on 01732 227000.