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Apply to join the housing register

To apply for social rented housing in the District, you must first be accepted onto our housing register.

What is the Housing Register?

The Register is the waiting list for people who are eligible to apply for social housing in this District. This District is part of a Kent wide partnership through the Kent Housing Group and all register applications and properties are processed via the Kent Homechoice website, in line with the Sevenoaks District Housing Allocations Policy.

Visit the Kent Homechoice and apply to join the housing register

What is the Sevenoaks District Housing Allocations Policy?

This Policy sets out the process for allocating social housing through the Register to ensure that local people with the greatest housing need are prioritised. This includes who can apply to the Housing Register, how applications and Bandings are assessed and how properties are allocated.

An updated Housing Allocations Policy came into effect from 1 May 2019. It has been updated to ensure that social housing is allocated to local people with the great housing needs.

View Housing Allocations Policy (new from May 2019)

View previous Housing Allocations Policy (before April 2019)

View the key changes to the Housing Allocations Policy

For further advice and information

If you would like to discuss your application or have a query about the Policy, please contact the Housing Register Team at West Kent Housing on 01732 749433 or email If you are concerned about your housing situation or are at risk of homelessness, please contact our Housing Advice Team on 01732 227000.

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