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Mobile home licensing

Register for site rules

The Mobile Homes Act 2013 requires operators of residential caravan sites and mobile home parks to send a copy of their Site Rules with the Council once they have been agreed with residents.

We must keep a register of site rules and publish them on-line. Site rules which have been sent to us are as follows:

Kayland Park

Florence Farm Park

Millview Home Park

East Hill Park, Knatts Valley 

Romney Street Caravan Park 

St Brelade's Park

Hedge Barton Park

East Hill Farm Park

Pasadena Park

Applying for a site licence

If you use land as a caravan site you may need planning permission and a site licence from us.

If planning permission is granted, a Site Licence Application Form must be obtained and submitted to us the occupier of the land. We must issue a site licence within two months unless the applicant agrees that the period should be longer. To apply for a site licence, contact the Housing Advice and Standards team on 01732 227000 or e-mail housing@sevenoaks.gov.uk.

See the site licence eligibility criteria.

Licences will not be issued to applicants who have had a site licence revoked within three years.

Applications must be in writing, should detail the land the application concerns and any other information required by us.

We must process your application before you being using the site as a mobile home site.

Site licence conditions

Every site licence will have conditions attached to it which set out standards governing the layout of the site, facilities and required maintenance. We are responsible for ensuring that site owners comply with all site licence conditions.

Site licence conditions are based on the model standards for residential park homes, however these standards represent good practice so can be altered to suit individual circumstances.

Site inspections

We have adopted a risk-based inspection programme in order to ensure that conditions on mobile home parks are maintained.

Altering a site licence

The licence holder must apply in writing to us with changes to the site licence conditions. Each application should include a detailed description as to why the changes are required and, if necessary, include relevant plans and specifications.

Transfer of a site licence

When a person with a site licence is no longer the occupier/owner, the licence may be transferred to a new occupier/owner with our consent. The name of the new holder, and the date of the transfer, must be endorsed on the licence by us.

Challenging decisions of the Council

The licence holder can appeal within 28 days to a magistrates' court against conditions attached to a licence when it is issued and against any alterations of a licence. See GOV.UK for details.

Information for residents

Your contract

If you own the park home that you live in, on a residential park home site, you are entitled to a Mobile Homes Act Agreement. This is the contract between you and the park owner, which sets out the responsibilities of both you and the park owner.

If you rent a park home you are likely to hold an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST), even if you have not been given a written copy. If you comply with the terms of your tenancy, the landlord cannot evict you without giving two months notice. The park owner will need to obtain a possession order from the courts to make you leave.

We cannot enforce the terms of your Mobile Home Act Agreement or tenancy for you. If you do not have an agreement, or if the landlord is breaching a term of the agreement, you should discuss this with directly with them. Specific legal advice can be obtained from your local Citizens Advice Bureau or a solicitor.


If you have a complaint concerning a mobile home park you should always contact the site owner or manager initially, allowing them a reasonable amount of time to remedy the situation.

If the site owner or manager is reluctant to remedy the situation, you should then contact the Housing Advice and Standards team on 01732 227000.

Park rules and other matters which are not covered under the site licence are strictly an issue between the resident and landlord, we are unable to act on behalf of residents or landlords in such circumstances. You may wish to seek advice from your  local Citizens Advice Bureau or a solicitor.

Grant assistance

If you own a mobile home and it is in disrepair, we may be able to assist (subject to funding) with discretionary grant funding.

If adaptations are required for the benefit of a disabled person, a Disabled Facilities Grant may be available.

We will take account of the general age and condition of the mobile home and it is unlikely that grant assistance will be available for homes that are considered to be beyond economical repair.