EU Citizens

From 7 May 2024, EU citizens will no longer automatically be entitled to register, vote or stand for election. Two groups of EU citizens will retain their rights: 


Qualifying EU Citizens 

  • These are citizens from countries with reciprocal agreements who have ‘leave to remain’ in the UK or who do not need ‘leave to remain’ in the UK. These are currently Denmark, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal and Spain. 

EU Citizens with Retained Rights 

  • These are EU citizens who were living in the UK before 31 December 2020 (the date when the UK left the EU). 


Citizens from Ireland, Malta, or Cyprus will retain their voting rights in all UK elections while resident in the UK.


Shortly after 7 May 2024, a review of the eligibility of EU citizens to be registered to vote will take place.

Further information on this process will follow.


Changes to candidacy rights

Changes to candidacy rights for EU citizens will be effective from 7 May 2024. EU citizens elected before this date can remain in office for their full term.

After 7 May 2024, EU citizens standing as candidates must have been legally resident in the UK before 31 December 2020, or be from a qualifying EU country, to be eligible.