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Voting and the electoral register

How to register and vote

To be able to vote at any election or referendum, you need to be on the Electoral Register.  You can register at any time throughout the year and once you are registered you do not need to re-register unless you move.

The quickest way to register to vote is online and it takes about five minutes and you will need your national insurance number.

If you are not on the register, you must register by the election registration deadline to be able to vote at that election.

More information on registering to vote

Voter Registration 2021

On 4 February 2021 we wrote to every home in the District about the voting options available in advance of the Police & Crime Commissioner and Kent County Council elections due to be held on 6 May.

More details on the ways to vote and the application forms for postal and proxy votes are set out on this page.

You may also reply to the letter you recieved using the online service, provided by an external company on our behalf.

To reply online please make sure you have the security codes provided on your letter and visit

If all of the details on your letter were correct, and you do not wish to change the way you vote, you do not need to send back the form.

Ways To Vote

In Person

You can vote in person at your polling station and you will be sent a poll card before the election with details of where your polling station is.  You do not need your poll card to vote, you just need to tell the staff at the station your name and address. 

More information on voting in person


Postal vote

You can apply to vote by post at any time but we recommend you apply as early as possible so that your application is received before any election deadline date. 

More information on postal voting

Download a postal vote application form


Proxy vote

Information on proxy voting (someone voting on your behalf)  

There are three main options if you want to apply for a proxy vote:

  • You can apply for a proxy vote for one election. 
  • You can apply for a permanent vote if you are unable to vote at a polling station for certain reasons including medical issues or disability, attendance at an education course or work commitments.  
  • During an election period, an application can be made for an emergency proxy in certain circumstances and detailed information on this can be found here under the emergency proxy section.

Download the proxy vote application form

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