Voting in a Polling Station

Electors who vote in a polling station will need to show an approved form of photo ID

Find your polling station

Visit the Where Do I Vote website provide by Democracy Club to find your polling station. You just need to enter your postcode.

Support for polling station voters

When voting at a polling station, there are a number of arrangements in place to support voters including:

  • large print ballot papers
  • signage to help electors
  • magnifying glasses
  • magnifying sheets
  • pencil grips
  • low level voting booths
  • additional lighting
  • seats for voters
  • a Tactile Voting Device

If an elector needs assistance to complete their ballot paper, the Presiding Officer in the polling station can help or another person can be a companion in the polling station to help. 

Some polling stations also have hearing loops installed. The Council may also be able to provide portable hearing loops if it would be helpful to someone that wishes to vote in a polling station. If you would like to find out more please contact us on the details set out below.

If you need any specific assistance to assist you to vote in your polling station please contact Electoral Services by email or by calling 01732 227000.