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Noise and other nuisance

  • The Environmental Protection team can investigate some types of noise and nuisance complaint. 
  • We will decide if such disturbances are causing a statutory nuisance and we will take action if necessary to resolve such matters. 
  • We investigate complaints from both domestic properties and commercial businesses.

What action can you take to help resolve a problem?

If you feel able to do so, it is often better to try and resolve a problem informally by yourself.  Your neighbour may be genuinely unaware that their activities are having a negative impact upon you.  The introduction of a third party such as the Council or a Landlord may sometimes make a situation worse and can cause tension between neighbours.

If you would still like to report a complaint please contact us.

Out of hours problems

If you are suffering from a noise nuisance when our offices are closed, please download the Noise App.

Once you have made a recording, call us the next working day on 01732 227000 to log your complaint.