Report a lost dog

If you have lost your dog, contact us as soon as possible, as it may have been picked up as a stray and taken to kennels.

If you lose your dog after 4pm on a Friday evening, including anytime on a Saturday or Sunday, you will not be reunited with your dog until the next working day. You will incur a fine plus daily kennel fees.

You should also:

  • Make contact with your local vets and rescue kennels/centres.
  • Report it to neighbouring councils if you live near the borders of other council areas.

Please be aware that:
•    A fine will be charged, plus kennel fees before the dog can be handed back to the owner
•    Kennel fees will be charged for each day (or part of a day) and include the day the dog is picked up and the day the dog is returned
•    Kennel fees increase daily until the fees are paid

Report a lost dog 

If you think your dog has been stolen, report it to the police as soon as possible. You should also advise us and other organisations such as DogLost.

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