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Found dogs

If you find a stray dog

We no longer offer a collection service for stray dogs – we have no legal duty to do this and the reception point kennels are not authorised to collect dogs on behalf of the council.

If you find a stray:

  • If the owner is identifiable from the collar and the tag, return the dog to them.
  • Contact us on 01732 227000 and you will be advised of the procedure depending on whether your call is during normal working hours or out of working hours.
  • During working hours, the Animal Control Officer will endeavour to collect dogs, but may not always be available to do so.
  • If you are calling outside of working hours, you will be directed to take the dog to our 24 hour reception point. If you are unable to take the dog to our reception point, you will be advised to keep hold of the dog until the next working day, or it should be released at the location it was original found (the dog will likely return to the owner of its own accord).
  • You may wish to take the dog to a vet to check if it is chipped.


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