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Tenders and contracts

Procurement is the process we use to get the goods and services we need to serve our communities. We try to secure best value from our contracts while supporting quality and innovation.

There will always be an assessment of quality, benefits and costs throughout the life of the asset or contract period. This will ensure we get the best combination of whole life costs and benefits to meet our requirements.

We seek to support small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and the local economy by encouraging local businesses to offer their goods and services to us whilst maintaining our duty to achieve the best value for money.

For further information, view our Contracts Procedure Rules, which includes our procurement thresholds.

Current contracts and contract opportunities

Our current contracts and contract opportunities and are published on GOV website along with other public sector contracts.

Contracts Finder (contracts over £12,000)

Find a Tender (contract above £138,760)

View our contracts register