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Local land charges search

From 28 April 2021, we will no longer provide a local land charges search service.    

After this date, our Local Land Charges Register will move to the HM Land Registry’s national register. You can access this service through The HM Land Registry Portal and the HM Land Registry page on GOV.UK

 We will continue to provide replies to CON29 enquiries after 28 April.

Find out more about the changes to Local Land Charges.


Local Land Charge Search

A local authority land charges search is normally carried out when buying a property or land. The search will inform the purchaser of any charges or restrictions upon the land.

The Council's Land Charges team also maintains a Local Land Charges register and oversees the registration of local land charges. In addition, the Council has direct access to local planning, building control and environmental health records. This enables us to provide accurate and efficient responses to any property search request enabling any follow-up enquiries and clarifications to be answered directly.

How long will my search take?

Requests are normally processed within 10 working days, subject to the volume of requests received. To check current response times, please contact us.

Submitting a search

We want to able to begin processing your search as soon as we can but incomplete documentation can delay us.

To request a search you will need to:

  • Enclose the correct fee:
    • View land charges search fees
    • Cheques are to be made payable to 'Sevenoaks District Council'
    • If on receipt of a search we find the fee to be incorrect, we will telephone to notify you.
  • Send two completed LLC1, CON29 and/or CON29O forms
  • Send two copies of a plan with the site to be searched outlined in red for all searches
  • Indicate whether searches may be returned to the solicitor by email and provide their email address
  • If you wish to include other roads and footways, etc in Box C of the CON29 form, please identify them by name. Or, if the name is not known, identify them by colouring or hatching the included search plan (up to a maximum of three roads).
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