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  • Edenbridge market is held every Thursday in the car park behind the NatWest Bank, High Street, Edenbridge.
  • Goods on sale include fruit and vegetables, household wares, fish and meat produce, clothing, plants and flowers, dairy produce, and items from the bakery.
  • The market is operated by Edenbridge Town Council.


  • A general Wednesday market takes place in Buckhurst car park next to Sevenoaks bus station. A wide range of goods are on offer from fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, plants and flowers, homewares, pet accessories and wild animal foods.
  • The market is operated by Sevenoaks Town Council on our behalf.
  • A market occasionally takes place in the Blighs shopping centre.
  • There is also a Saturday market in the High Street. Again this market is operated by Sevenoaks Town Council on our behalf.


  • A general market takes place every Wednesday in the Swanley town centre.
  • The market is operated by Bray Associates on our behalf.

Farmers' markets

  • Other farmers' markets take place in towns and villages at various times during the year.
  • View details of farmers' markets in Kent
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