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Public Realm Commission

Our Public Realm Commission works in an advisory role to improve open, public spaces in the District.

The commission is made up of 10 volunteers and their role is to:

  • Understand current public spaces across the District and what purpose or uses they serve
  • Ensure new developments have been considered, designed and planned with the public realm in mind
  • Understand what makes good public space
  • Identify funding opportunities to enable the delivery of an annual public realm programme
  • Ensure public art celebrates the particular story of a place and engages with the community in its making.
  • Submit an annual report describing the activities of the previous year.

Artwork commission

We are commissioning a public art installation close to Marks & Spencer in Sevenoaks and you’ll soon have your say on the options for the site.

The artwork, which is in a prominent and well-used area, will reflect the location, culture and history of the town and will stay in place for at least 20 years.

Artists were recently invited to come forward with their ideas for the site and we are currently shortlisting their proposals.

You’ll have an opportunity to have your say on four shortlisted proposals when they go on display on our website from Monday 12 April to Friday 7 May 2021.

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