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Public Realm Commission

Artwork commission

We are proposing to install an exciting new sculpture in Blighs, Sevenoaks.

The bronze sculpture, ‘Three and Four’ by local artist Oliver Barratt, is inspired by coppice trees and hop vines that once grew locally. The statue’s verdant green-base is a reference to the green buses that came and went through Blighs when it was a bus station.

We are planning to install the sculpture in the summer of 2022. The work is being paid for by developers from a fund specifically for public art.

You can meet and talk with Oliver Barratt about his work on Saturday 15 January from 12 noon to 2pm outside M&S in Sevenoaks .

Earlier in 2021, following a tightly fought consultation, we commissioned artists Simone Tchonova and Matthijs la Roi to progress a new public artwork at Marks & Spencer in Bligh’s Sevenoaks. Their ‘Seven Oaks of Sevenoaks’ sculpture would represent the oaks on Sevenoaks Vine, of which many were destroyed in the great storm of 1987 and then replanted.

Unfortunately, due to Matthijs and Simone’s involvement in other international projects, the artists have stepped down from the commission due to these work commitments.

Cllr Roddy Hogarth, Commissioner for the Public Realm says: “This was an extremely difficult decision for the artists to make. Matthijs and Simone are exceptional artists and I hope we get to work with them again on another project in the District.”

“However, the commission will continue. The Public Realm Commission is in discussion with the other shortlisted artist, Oliver Barratt, to progress ‘Three and Four’, a bronze statue inspired by coppice trees and hop vines that once grew locally.”

Public Realm Commission

Our Public Realm Commission works in an advisory role to improve open, public spaces in the District.

The commission is made up of 10 volunteers and their role is to:

  • Understand current public spaces across the District and what purpose or uses they serve
  • Ensure new developments have been considered, designed and planned with the public realm in mind
  • Understand what makes good public space
  • Identify funding opportunities to enable the delivery of an annual public realm programme
  • Ensure public art celebrates the particular story of a place and engages with the community in its making.
  • Submit an annual report describing the activities of the previous year.
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