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Public Realm Commission

Artwork Commission 

We are pleased to announce we have chosen ‘Seven Oaks of Sevenoaks’ by Simone Tchonova and Matthijs la Roi to be our new piece of public art installed opposite Marks & Spencer in Bligh’s, Sevenoaks.

Hundreds of people took part in our consultation and it was clear from the results that residents had strong views about both proposals. The choice between the two ideas was very close throughout the consultation but in the end, Seven Oaks of Sevenoaks was the final choice of the panel.

The winning sculpture represents the oaks on Sevenoaks Vine, of which many were destroyed in the great storm of 1987 and then replanted. The piece signifies climate restoration and what is possible when people work together to protect the environment.

Community involvement is at the heart of the work. Up to 4,500 residents will have the chance to have a personal environmental promise engraved on one of the unique steel pieces that form the sculpture.

The sculpture is costing around £17,000 and is being paid for by developers from a specific public art fund.

We are aiming to have the sculpture installed by the end of the year. Follow our social media pages to see the progress.

Public Realm Commission

Our Public Realm Commission works in an advisory role to improve open, public spaces in the District.

The commission is made up of 10 volunteers and their role is to:

  • Understand current public spaces across the District and what purpose or uses they serve
  • Ensure new developments have been considered, designed and planned with the public realm in mind
  • Understand what makes good public space
  • Identify funding opportunities to enable the delivery of an annual public realm programme
  • Ensure public art celebrates the particular story of a place and engages with the community in its making.
  • Submit an annual report describing the activities of the previous year.
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