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Help paying your bills

Help with your Council Tax

If you are on a low income, you can apply for Council Tax Reduction to help pay your Council Tax.

If you live alone, are a student, have a disability or a severe mental impairment (such as dementia) you may be entitled to help.

Get help with your Council Tax

In some circumstances, we can make Exceptional Hardship Payments for people who receive Council Tax Reduction to help with their Council Tax bill.

Help with your energy bills

Most energy companies offer help if you are struggling with your bills, including payment plans.

Speak with your suppliers or visit the energy financial support pages on the Kent County Council website.

You might be able to get financial support to help you save on your energy bills. The energy regulator Ofgem provides information about support you can get if you have a low income or you are over 67 years old.

Help with your water bills

Citizens Advice has guidance about how to speak to your water supplier if you’re having problems paying your water bill. It also includes information about special schemes set up by water companies to help you pay your water bill.

Guidance on how to deal with arrears is available on the StepChange website.

You may be entitled to free water saving devices and advice from your water supplier to help you save money on your bill. To find out more, visit your water supplier’s website:

Broadband and phone

Broadband and phone costs have spiralled recently. Not all of us regularly switch supplier, but it’s worth comparing as you could save hundreds of pounds over the year. Try one of the utility comparison websites.

If you are on a low income and claim certain benefits, you may be eligible for a social tariff for your broadband, potentially saving you around a hundred pounds a year. Visit the Ofcom website for details of social tariffs.