Driveway access protection lines

Driveway access protection lines, also known as ‘dog bones’, are nationally recognised, white 'H' shaped road markings placed in front of driveways and accesses with 'dropped kerbs' leading on to the public highway from private land.

Dog bones have no legal standing but provide a useful visual indication for other motorists not to obstruct a dropped kerb. 

Dog bones usually extend across the whole of the dropped kerb from the point where the kerb starts sloping down on either side of the driveway or access. Vehicles that park across dropped kerbs are enforceable by us or the police in their own right. Please contact us for more information on this. 

The installation of dog bones will generally only be agreed where there is properly constructed dropped kerb approved by Kent County Council and a demonstrated need for access protection is identified. It is unlikely that we would allow dog bones where there is an existing yellow line restriction. Shared accesses would normally require a joint application.


New dog bones cost £180 each (inclusive of VAT)

Dog bone remarking costs £90 (inclusive of VAT)

Costs are based on a single access up to 6m wide. Wider accesses may cost more.

How to apply

Please email with your name and address and we will contact you.