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Find out if you live in a flood risk area

Get help during a flood

What you can do if you’re at risk

  • Sign up for Flood Warnings or call 0345 988 1188
  • Stock up on sandbags. We can provide them in an emergency, but during a flash flood, we may not get to you in time. Sacks are available from most builders’ merchants. They’re available from us too for £2.65 each – please call us on 01732 227000 before you travel to arrange payment and collection.
  • Consider flood prevention products
  • Make sure you’re properly insured
  • Find out how to Prepare for flooding

How to report an issue


Help your community by becoming a Flood Warden

Flood wardens are volunteers trained to help and prepare people in local communities that are at risk of flooding. They play an important role in the preparing a community flood plan and putting it in to practice.

They also provide a vital link between a local community and those responsible for responding to a flood.

If you are interested, call 01622 212409 or email The Kent Resilience Forum  

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