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Updated 11.30am, Tuesday 18 February 2020

A flood alert is in force on the Rivers Eden and Eden Brook so be prepared as flooding is possible. 

View the latest update for the Rivers Eden and Eden Brook   

Flood Alerts are no longer in force on the River Darent 

View the latest update for River Darent

What to do in a flood


If our Emergency Planning Officer has declared a flooding emergency, we will supply and deliver a limited number of sandbags, free of charge, to homes in the affected area. For details contact our Emergency Planning team.

Sandbags are also available to buy from our Dunbrik Depot at 2 Main Road, Sundridge TN14 6EP. You may have to load these in to your vehicle yourself and quantities may be limited during periods of extreme weather. Please contact us before setting off to check supplies are available.

You can also buy sandbags from most builders' merchants.

After a flood you should dispose of sandbags that have been contaminated with petrol, oil, diesel or sewage. Those that have not been contaminated can be kept. Bags supplied by us are made of polypropylene that will eventually degrade in daylight. To prolong their life, store them under cover.

We will not collect the sandbags after the flooding has subsided so please make your own disposal arrangements.

Flood warnings

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