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Climate change - Net zero carbon Council

Net Zero 2030 commitment

We are committed to becoming a Net Zero Council by 2030. Find out what this means and how we plan to fulfil this challenge…

Solar energy scheme

Find out more about investing in renewable energy with the Solar Together scheme.

What is the Council doing to become Net Zero

Over the last few years we’ve been busy starting our journey to reaching Net Zero carbon. Find out what we’ve been doing…

What you can do to help

Everyone has a responsibility to make changes for the environment, here’s some handy tips to help you make changes today…

What businesses can do to help

Useful tips and resources for businesses who wish to be more environmentally friendly

What schools can do to help

More information about the Eco-schools programme

Improve your home energy efficiency

How to make your home energy efficient, apply for subsidised heating for your home...

Sustainable travel

Find out more about our plans to make travel across the District easy, healthy, safe, low carbon & sustainable over the next five to ten years

Latest Net Zero news

View our latest news releases about our work to tackle climate change....