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What is the Council doing to become Net Zero

We have already started in our journey to help climate change and reach net zero carbon. Here is just a few of the things we’ve done over the last few years:

  • Improved the efficiency of our refuse rounds
  • Promoted free energy-saving improvements for low income households 
  • Invested in a new environmentally friendly tool to remove chewing gum from pavements
  • Worked with children from local schools to discourage car idling 
  • Improved air quality in the last nine years
  • Encouraged solar energy 
  • Worked with specialists to reduce energy consumption
  • Purchased new electric vehicles 
  • Installed several solar power 'Smart' compacting bins across the District
  • Insulated nearly fifty park homes
  • Planted new trees
  • Encouraged families to get out in nature via our eco-trails
  • Created five videos for families to make space for nature at home
  • Installed new electric vehicle-charging points for our staff and taxi drivers
  • Completed a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan for Sevenoaks Town
  • Secured funding for a new walking, wheeling and cycling route
  • Introduced hybrid-working to cut staff travel
  • Encouraged our staff to be less wasteful 
  • Introduced a staff electric car lease scheme 
  • Installed motion sensitive lighting in our decked car parks
  • Produced a plan of further actions that has been approved by our Cabinet.

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