Core Strategy Evidence Base | Sevenoaks District Council

Core Strategy Evidence Base

In order to review the Local Plan, it was necessary for us to research a range of background issues and produce evidence to support the proposed policies.

The following studies have now been carried out and form the evidence base for the Local Plan.

These documents are available to download for free or can be purchased in hard copy from the Planning Policy team who can provide details if required of older, superseded documents.

Download evidence base and topic papers

The following documents are available as hard copies (prices are included in brackets where relevant):

  • Affordable Housing Viability Assessment September 2009
  • Appropriate Assessment June 2009
  • Employment Land Review December 2007 (£30)
  • Employment Land Review Appendix D - Business Area Map
  • Employment Land Review Update Addendum February 2010
  • ELR Update Report in relation to GSK Site Leigh September 2011
  • Revised Long-Term Employment Space Projections for Sevenoaks District 2011
  • Employment Land Review in relation to: United House, Swanley/Manor House, New Ash Green/Trading Estate to the rear of Premier Inn, Swanley/West Kingsdown Industrial Estate, West Kingsdown December 2012
  • Business Survey 2013
  • Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Accommodation Assessment Sevenoaks (£5)
  • Housing Land Supply Updated August 2010
  • Hotel Futures Study 2007 update (£30)
  • Open Space, Sports and Recreation Study January 2009 (£40 for both parts)
  • Open Space Study - An indoor sports and recreation facilities assessment January 2009
  • Open Space Study Appendices - An Indoor sports and recreation facilities assessment
  • Open Space Study Appendices
  • Reduced Transport Evaluation of Development Proposals in Swanley
  • Retail Study Update June 2009 (£30 includes appendices)
  • Appendices and Plans to Retail Study Update June 09
  • Settlement Hierarchy 2009
  • Sevenoaks Population and Social Profile May 2010
  • Strategic Flood Risk Assessment April 2008 (£30 without appendices)
  • Map A - West Kingsdown, Hartley, New Ash Green, Horton Kirby and South Darenth
  • Map B - Swanley, Hextable, Crockenhill and Eynsford
  • Map C - Sevenoaks, Otford, Kemsing, Seal and Shoreham
  • Map D - Westerham, Brasted, Sundridge, Knockholt and Halstead
  • Map E - Sevenoaks south, Sevenoaks Weald, Leigh and Chiddingstone Causeway
  • Map F - Edenbridge, Ide Hill and Crockham Hill
  • Map G - Chiddingstone Causeway, Penshurst, Fordcombe and Bough Beech
  • Map H - Edenbridge, Hever and Cowden
  • Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment June 2008
  • Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment Update 2009 (£30 without the Site Maps)
  • SHLAA Update Site Maps 2009
  • Transport Study Evidence Base Report 2007
  • Transport Study January 2008 (£30 - The downloadable copy does not contain appendices.)
  • West Kent Strategic Housing Market Assessment December 2008 (£30)