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Affordable housing

There are a number of affordable home ownership and Help to Buy options available if you have a regular income and access to savings for a deposit and moving costs. See Own Your Own Home for more information. 

To apply for Help to Buy, which includes the shared ownership (part buy, part rent) and equity loan schemes, and to see what homes are currently available to buy, visit the local Help to Buy agent website and enter a location.

If you would like details of where shared ownership homes will be built in the future, please contact our Housing Policy team.

Discounted homes for first time buyers

First Homes is a Government scheme offering first time buyers the opportunity to purchase a discounted, new-build home. First Homes are offered for sale by the house-builder.

The discount in the Sevenoaks District is 50% of the market value of the property. The maximum price of a First Home, after the discount, is £250,000 when initially sold by a house-builder.

This discount will apply to a First Home forever and will be passed on every time the property is sold. In practice, the owner will receive 50% of the market value of the property when sold.

When a First Home is marketed for sale, people with a local connection, serving and some ex-armed forces personnel and local essential workers, will be given priority before it is made available to others. Local connection is set out in  our Housing Allocations Policy, as well as applying to those with close family currently living in the District. For more information please contact

Find out more about First Homes

Apply for a First Home

You must be a first time buyer. This means you and anyone you’re buying with, must not own a home now or in the past, in the UK or abroad. 

Your annual household income must be less than £56,250 (during the limited marketing period) or £80,000 thereafter.

You will need a minimum 5% deposit and a mortgage to cover at least 50% of the purchase price.

Once you have found a First Home available for sale, speak to the house-builder’s sales team who will carry out the initial checks before forwarding your application to us.

We will charge a one-off, non-fundable fee of up to £500 to cover the cost of processing your application.

Please contact our Housing Policy team for details of where First Homes will be built in the future.

Kent Community Housing Hub

The Kent Community Housing Hub helps local communities to develop their own affordable projects. It can result in high quality, affordable homes, managed or owned by the community, whether in urban or rural areas.

Find out more about the Kent Community Housing Hub.