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Food business approval

If your food business makes, prepares or handles meat, dairy, egg, fish, shellfish or animal produce for supply to other businesses, it may require approval from us.

Find out more about approval of food establishments.

If you think your business needs approval, please contact us. If we believe your business requires approval, we will sent you an application form. 

When you return your completed form, you will be asked to provide the following information:

  • A detailed scale plan showing the location of rooms and other areas to be used for the storage and processing of raw materials, product and waste, and the layout of facilities and equipment
  • Details of the food safety management system based on HACCP principles
  • Establishment and equipment maintenance arrangements
  • Establishment, equipment, and transport cleaning arrangements
  • Waste collection and disposal arrangements
  • Water supply
  • Water supply quality testing arrangements
  • Arrangements for product testing
  • Pest control arrangements
  • Monitoring arrangements for staff health
  • Staff hygiene training arrangements
  • Arrangements for record keeping
  • Arrangements for applying the identification mark to product packaging or wrapping
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