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Street naming and numbering

We issue addresses in our District, including registering new developments and approving changes to existing addresses for residential and commercial properties.

We consult Royal Mail on all new addresses, or changes to addresses, to make sure the proposals are acceptable to them. They provide us with the postcodes for the new addresses. 

Street naming and numbering policy

Naming or re-naming your property

To name or rename your house, please put forward least two proposed names in order of preference in case your first choice is too similar to an existing address.

We advise you to avoid names that begin with flowers, plants, or tree varieties (i.e. rose, ivy, oak) as these are likely to be refused.

If your property has a number, you can add a name, but you cannot replace the number with a name. This is because it is quicker for the emergency services to locate properties with numbers.

We advise you to think carefully before proposing names that are difficult to spell or pronounce.

We will send you confirmation in writing of the new address. Please make sure you keep the confirmation in a safe place as it is your only official documentation of the change.

Information for developers

Please apply for addresses for new developments soon after your planning application is approved so the addresses can be used on forms or documents you need to complete, such as utility connections and deeds.

Applications for new street names take around eight to 10 weeks.

All properties on new streets are numbered. New properties on existing streets will be included in the existing number sequence if there is one, otherwise you will need to suggest names in line with the information in our 'Street naming and numbering policy'.

Unique Property Reference Numbers (UPRNs) are automatically generated as part of the street naming process and will be included in the notice we send to you.

Make an application

Most applications are completed within 10 to 15 working days.

After we have received your application, we will contact you (usually by email) with details of how to pay the correct fee. We will tell you if your proposed address cannot be accepted.

Street naming and numbering application form

Send your completed form to

Street naming and numbering fees

Registered Title (Deeds)

If you re-name your property, you will need to change the address on the registered Title Deed. This can only be done by the owner, either via a solicitor of by using a form to ‘change the register’ available on the Land Registry website. If you fail to do this, you may experience problems when you want to sell or re-mortgage the property.

If your solicitor or mortgage company questions the address of your property, you can apply to us for confirmation of the official address, using the application form.


Postcodes are the responsibility of Royal Mail. If you have an enquiry about an existing postcode please contact Royal Mail.