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Street naming and numbering

We have a legal duty to issue official addresses in our District, including registering new developments and approving changes to existing addresses. This duty applies to both residential and commercial properties.

For all new addresses, or changes to addresses, we consult the Royal Mail to make sure the proposals are also acceptable to them.

Information for developers

We urge you to apply for street names, and house or unit numbers, for a new development as soon as your planning application is approved, as we have to consult with several organisations, which can take some time.


Re-naming your house

If you wish to rename your house or add a name to it, please complete and submit the Street Naming and Numbering application form. We ask you to wait to pay the appropriate fee by telephone until we contact you.

Please put at least two proposed names on the form in order of preference, in case your first choice is unsuitable because it is similar to another address.

We will send you official confirmation in writing of the new address. Please make sure you keep the confirmation in a safe place as it is your only official documentation of the change.

Street naming and numbering application form



  • Changing an existing address - £45

Addresses for new properties:

  • 1 Plot / unit - £100
  • 2 – 10 Plots / units  - £200
  • 11 – 19 Plots / units - £300
  • 20+ Plots / units - £400 plus £15 per plot

(NB Individual flats are charged as individual plots)

These charges are not subject to VAT

Details of other fees can be found in our Street Naming and Numbering Policy


We are not responsible for issuing or altering postcodes; this is the responsibility of Royal Mail. However they will not issue a postcode for a new street or development without our specific request, as Local Authorities are the definitive source of official addresses.

If you have a postcode enquiry please contact the Royal Mail.

View our street naming and numbering policy

If you are a developer or home owner and would like more information about how to apply for a street name or change of property name, please contact our GIS Team.

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