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Warning on Green Belt land sales

We are aware of several Green Belt sites that are being offered for sale as individual plots with the potential for housing. The sites are in Edenbridge (Hever Road), land north of Newhouse Farm Lane, Hever, West Kingsdown (East Of Oaklands, St Clere Hill Road) and land north of Grove Road, Penshurst.

In some cases, we understand the marketing materials claim these sites are not in the Green Belt.

To ensure the land continues to be protected, we have served 'Article 4' Directions on these sites restricting the activities that can be carried out without planning permission. This includes putting up fences, gates or walls, stationing caravans and other temporary uses.

Nationally, Green Belt sites are protected to prevent urban development by keeping the land permanently open. Because of this, they are extremely unlikely to get planning permission to be developed.

If you are considering buying land for development, we recommend you check if the land is in the Green Belt or covered by other constraints - you can do this by viewing our interactive planning map, or by using our Pre-Application Planning Advice service.

Interactive planning map

Pre-Application Planning Advice service

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