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Welfare funerals

Sevenoaks District Council is responsible for arranging the funeral of any person who has died within the District where it appears that no other funeral arrangements have been made by any other agency or persons.

This most often occurs when no next of kin can be found.  In such a case an application can be made to us to arrange and fund a basic funeral.

For more information please contact us.


  • Only in exceptional circumstances will we carry out a welfare funeral for someone with living relatives. If living relatives are unable to pay for the funeral, they may be able to obtain a funeral payment from Jobcentre Plus if they are on income related benefits.  
  • If there are relatives who are not prepared or able to accept responsibility for the funeral arrangements we have a duty to make the funeral arrangements and to recover the costs of the funeral from the estate of the deceased. This is in the form of a civil debt recoverable within three years. 
  • We can only provide this service if the death took place within the Sevenoaks District but not within a hospital. If the death occurred in a hospital the responsibility lies with the health authority.
  • Unfortunately, assistance is not available if the funeral has already taken place.

Register of Public Health Funerals

Download the register of welfare funerals carried out by Sevenoaks District Council.


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