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Energy efficiency and conservation

Climate change

Climate refers to the average weather experienced over a long period of time, typically 30 years, and includes scientific evidence that human activities contribute to this increase in temperature.

It has been reported that even if all CO² emissions stopped today, the climate will continue to change because of the CO² and other global warming gases that are already in the atmosphere. Therefore, we still need to adapt to climate change.

Carbon footprint

Your carbon footprint is a measure of the impact of your activities on the environment. It takes account of the amount of greenhouse gases produced as a result of your activities, measured in units of carbon dioxide. Carbon footprints consider two parts:

  • Direct emissions
  • Indirect (secondary) emissions.

The lower your carbon footprint, the less you contribute to climate change. To calculate your carbon footprint, visit the Carbon Calculator website.

Energy efficiency advice and assessment

We can provide you with advice and support to help you become more energy efficient, which could also save you money.

Find out how much energy you could save by completing the Home Energy Check facility from the Energy Saving Trust advice centre and plan your energy saving improvements.

Energy saving tips

There are some easy ways of saving energy as well as reducing your energy bills by employing some easy energy saving measures like fitting thermostatic radiator valves or ensuring that your loft is adequately insulated. Visit the Energy Saving Trust website for more useful tips.

The Kent Warm Homes scheme

The Warm Homes scheme is a partnership between Kent County Council and the Kent district councils that can offer subsidised heating and insulation. Depending on your circumstances, you may also need to contribute towards the cost. Click here for full details of the Warm Homes scheme and how to apply online or phone the Warm Homes helpline on 0800 170 1174.

Sevenoaks Switch and Save

Residents and businesses can get the cheapest deals on their gas and electricity thanks to our new independent comparison website.

Our site www.sevenoaksswitchandsave.com allows you to compare rates in an impartial web environment.

Its easy to use – simply enter your postcode and start comparing prices for gas, electricity or both.

The site compares tariffs from suppliers in the UK and highlights where you could switch supplier and save money.

And if you don't have internet access, you can still use the service over the phone by calling 0800 610 2449.

For every resident and business that switches via the service, we receive a switching fee that is reinvested in energy efficiency and fuel poverty initiatives to help the most vulnerable people in the District.

What is the Council doing?

Our energy conservation work is delivered through a combination of advice, education, marketing and promotion, energy efficiency schemes, grants and discounts delivered in partnership with other agencies. Please contact us for more information.

View our 'Climate Local Sevenoaks' commitment.

View the Climate Local Progress Update 2014. 

Home Energy Conservation Act 1995

Under the Home Energy Conservation Act 1995, local authorities are required to prepare reports setting out energy conservation measures that they consider practicable, cost-effective and likely to result in significant improvement in the energy efficiency of residential accommodation in the area.

The Council submitted its first report under new arrangements in March 2013 and will then prepare biennial reports setting out progress made in implementing its planned measures. View the March 2015 report setting out the measures we have taken to conserve energy.  

You can contact the Energy Conservation & Initiatives Officer for more information on any of the above (see below for contact details). Energy efficiency information packs are available on request and contain information on how to reduce your energy bills as well as guidance on solid wall insulation.

A limited number of free Sempatherm radiator insulation panels are also available. With a minimum 10-year life expectancy and a potential drop of 12 to 15% on fuel bills, these easy-to-install panels are on offer to older and vulnerable residents.

Contact information

Call 01732 227000 and ask to speak to the Energy Conservation & Initiatives Officer or email  energy.conservation@sevenoaks.gov.uk