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Joint Transportation Board supports 20mph scheme for Sevenoaks

Published: Thursday, 21st March 2024

The Sevenoaks Joint Transportation Board has recommended new 20mph speed limits in residential areas and roads by schools to improve road safety in central Sevenoaks.

At its meeting on Wednesday 20 March 2024, the Board considered a Member Working Group report into the benefits of 20mph limits in the town. This included a public consultation run by Sevenoaks Town Council.

The Town Council consultation ran between 1 and 14 November 2023. The results were:

  • 2,542 responses received.
  • 66% of all respondents supported a 20mph limit in residential roads and roads close to schools.
  • 53% of all respondents supported a 20mph limit for central Sevenoaks. However, the Working Group believed this number drops below 50% once respondents who wanted roads taken out of the scheme have been removed.

Considering residents’ views, safety data and Government guidance, the Group suggested a 20mph scheme for the centre of Sevenoaks, excluding some main roads. These are Mount Harry/Hitchen Hatch Road, St Botolph’s Road and the A225 from the Vine to the Bat and Ball junction. The A224 Tubbs Hill and part of London Road (to the junction of Pembroke Road) were already excluded from the scheme.

The Board supported the Working Group’s findings and voted to recommend that Kent County Council introduce a 20mph scheme in the centre of Sevenoaks while retaining existing speed limits on some main roads.

Cllr Irene Roy, the Chairman of the Sevenoaks Joint Transportation Board, says: "We believe the scheme will improve safety for residents and road users by building on the 20mph limits already in place. Our communities have shown they support 20mph on residential roads and near schools, but too many residents were against a town-wide scheme.

"The Government has also told us that 20mph limits should only be introduced in residential areas where there is strong local support. We believe we have been true to the results of the consultation while following the Government’s highway guidance.”

Notes to editor

The Sevenoaks Joint Transportation Board comprises of Councillors from both Kent County Council and Sevenoaks District Council. They meet to debate and agree on highways and traffic matters that affect the District.