Don’t lose your vote! | Sevenoaks District Council

Don’t lose your vote!

Published: Tuesday, 16th August 2022

Residents are being urged to look out for their electoral registration canvass form that will be arriving from Monday 22 August 2022.

The yearly exercise, carried out by Sevenoaks District Council, ensures the electoral register is up-to-date and gives an opportunity for residents who are not registered or whose details have changed to make sure they can vote in elections or referendums.

Dr Pav Ramewal, Chief Executive and Electoral Registration Officer at Sevenoaks District Council said:

“It’s really important that your details are up-to-date on the electoral register so you don’t miss out on a chance to vote in local or general elections. In many cases, no action is required at all but it is really important to read the form when it arrives and follow the instructions carefully.”

“If your details are incorrect, it’s now really easy to update them. The best way to tell us is online but you can also phone or send the form back to us.

“If you know you are not registered to vote, you can do it quickly online at, or call us and we’ll send you an application form in the post.”

To find out more about the Annual Canvass, visit or call 01732 227000.