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A new sculpture for Sevenoaks

Published: Monday, 1st August 2022

‘Three and Four’, a new bronze and steel sculpture for Sevenoaks was unveiled in Bligh’s last week.

The 2.3 metre tall public art piece was created by Oliver Barratt, an international artist who lives near Sevenoaks. The project has been paid for by property developers from a fund specifically for public art.

The sculpture is entirely abstract in nature and makes references to the history of the area, most notably coppice trees and hop bines that once grew nearby. The vibrant green base also references the livery of the green buses that used Bligh’s when it was a bus station.

Cllr Roddy Hogarth, the Commissioner for the Public Realm, says: “We’re so pleased that the sculpture is now on show and can be enjoyed by the public.

“Oliver Barratt has drawn on his extensive knowledge of the local area to produce a beautiful and thoughtful work that celebrates the history of Bligh’s, Sevenoaks and the wider area.

“As with all art, there can be strong opinions one way or the other. But I would encourage residents to come and see this bold and striking sculpture for themselves.”

Oliver Barratt adds: "Many of the projects I work on are abroad and I only see them as they are being installed. With this work however, I will pass it every time I drive through my hometown.

“Art is a way of crystallising memory, of articulating a moment of thought and letting it find its way into the future. Public spaces are always competing for various functional needs, and art is a reminder that there is room in the marketplace for the poetic.”

For more information, and to view a video about the ideas behind the sculpture, visit www.sevenoaks.gov.uk/publicrealm