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Help improve air quality

Published: Thursday, 24th February 2022

Sevenoaks District Council is asking for residents’ opinions on how to improve air quality in the District.

The Council monitors the District’s air quality, which has improved over the last few years. It wants to build on these successes and is committed to working with residents, business and partners to reduce air pollution.

As part of this commitment, a draft action plan has been prepared which addresses air quality throughout the District and what the Council is doing to support its partners, residents and businesses. This includes promoting public health and wellbeing, encouraging active travel and behaviour changes, reducing the need to travel and more.

The Council is asking residents to read through the document and feedback any additional support measures that could be implemented before the plan is finalised.

Cabinet member for ‘Cleaner and Greener’ Cllr Margot McArthur says: “Air quality is very important to us and our residents. The good news is that it is improving, however, there are certain areas of the District where more can be done.

“The aim of this consultation is to obtain feedback and comments on how we can better help residents and partners’ improve air quality. Once we have collected all the responses we will feed them into our final plan that will form the basis of our future actions.

“We’ve summarised the document so it’s easy to read and the survey will only take you five minutes to complete. Your comments will be vital in helping us support the improvement of air quality throughout the District.”

To read the draft plan and comment, visit