Bins for the win! | Sevenoaks District Council

Bins for the win!

Published: Wednesday, 13th October 2021

Sevenoaks District Council is installing six high-tech compactor bins across the District.

The solar powered litterbins hold 240 litres of rubbish and have an on-board compactor that reduces litter volumes by up to 10 times.

The bins also have a sensor that informs the Council when they are full so the refuse crews make no wasted journeys.

Two compactor bins have already been installed in Sevenoaks town centre with another coming soon and three more set to be installed in Edenbridge, Swanley and Westerham.

Earlier in the year, the Council secured a £25,000 grant to install fifty ‘smart-bins’ in rural areas across the District as part of their overall litter strategy. These bins also tell the Council when they’re full, ending wasted journeys.

Cabinet member for Cleaner and Greener, Cllr Margot McArthur, says: “As part of our ‘net zero by 2030’ commitments, we have been looking for new and innovative ways to lower our carbon emissions. These bins will help us reduce collections by around 90% as they hold more rubbish and will only be emptied when they are full.”

“We are already seeing the benefits of the smart bins installed earlier in the year and we look forward to taking advantage of the technology to work smarter and faster for our residents, businesses and visitors.”