The smarter way to collect litter | Sevenoaks District Council

The smarter way to collect litter

Published: Friday, 2nd July 2021

Sevenoaks District Council will soon be rolling out the first of their ‘smart-bins’ throughout rural areas of the District.

Earlier in the year, the Council secured £25,000 in grant money to pilot fifty smart-bins. The new, larger, wood cladded bins will include sensors that alert the Council when they need clearing. This means a quicker, reactive service when the bins are full and fewer wasted journeys when bins are not at full capacity. The new bins can also hold more waste than the current ones.

Cabinet Member for Cleaner and Greener, Cllr Margot McArthur says: “As a Council we are always looking for innovative ways to improve the lives of residents and contribute to our Net Zero 2030 commitment. The smart-bins include a recycling compartment and are much friendlier to the environment as it means our Street Cleaning team will only travel to rural areas when necessary.

“We currently spend roughly £1.4m a year, 10% of our annual budget on street cleaning. This new technology will allow us to work smarter and faster for our residents, businesses and visitors.

“This project is part of our overall litter strategy to help reduce rubbish across the District.”

The bins are due to be installed from late July.

The locations of the bins are as follows:

Bough Beach - Chequers Barn

Chiddingstone - Causeway

Cowden - Butterwell Hill

Crockham Hill - Devils Elbow

Eynsford - Riverside

Fawkham Green - Opposite the pub

Fordcombe Green - By the bridge

Four Elms - By Rec

Hartley - St Mary's car park

Hever - Opposite Castle

Hodsoll Street - High street
Horton Kirby -  Franks Lane, River bridge

Ide Hill - Goathurst Common

Leigh - River bridge

Markbeech - Cow Lane

New Ash Green - Millfield

Otford - TBC

Penshurst - Smarts Hill

Sevenoaks - Godden Green

Stone Street - By bus stop

Underriver - Back of Knole Park