Stay home for key workers this bank holiday weekend | Sevenoaks District Council

Stay home for key workers this bank holiday weekend

Published: Monday, 4th May 2020

Key workers from Sevenoaks District Council are urging residents to stay at home this bank holiday weekend.

Refuse collectors, street cleaners, people delivering emergency food parcels and many others are asking Sevenoaks District residents to stick to government guidelines this weekend so they can continue their vital work safely.

Cabinet member for People and Places, Cllr Lesley Dyball, says: “We are so proud of our key workers who are tirelessly working to keep services running for residents and businesses. The best way we can thank them is by staying at home. We know the vast majority of our residents are doing a brilliant job of sticking to social distancing rules but with the bank holiday coming up, we want to remind everyone to avoid unnecessary journeys and to only leave the house for essentials and to exercise. Please do not visit friends and family or invite them into your home.

“It’s been a difficult few weeks, but we’re in it together and if we all stick to the guidelines, we can go back to normal sooner.”