Sevenoaks Parliamentary Election Results | Sevenoaks District Council

Sevenoaks Parliamentary Election Results

Published: Friday, 13th December 2019

Following yesterday's Parliamentary General Election, Laura Trott of the Conservative Party was elected to represent the Sevenoaks Constituency.

The results were:

Sean Edward FINCH – Libertarian Party
295 votes

Paulette Rosetta FURSE – Independent
695 votes

Seamus William John MCCAULEY – Labour Party
6,946 votes

Laura TROTT – The Conservative Party Candidate
30,932 votes

Paul Francis WHARTON – The Green Party
1,974 votes

Gareth WILLIS – Liberal Democrats
10,114 votes

The result was declared by Returning Officer Dr. Pav Ramewal. The turnout for the election was 71.35%.