Parking permits and season tickets - terms and conditions | Sevenoaks District Council

Parking permits and season tickets - terms and conditions

If you have a parking permit or season ticket from Sevenoaks District Council, you will need to follow the terms and conditions
  1. Sevenoaks District Council issues Annual Resident Permits, Resident Season Tickets, Resident “Dusk ‘til Dawn” Permits and Season Tickets at its sole discretion.
  2. Permit and Season Ticket holders can park in a car park, subject to the particular conditions that apply to the Permit or Season Ticket and the car park it is issued for.
  3. The Council has the right to cancel and withdraw a Permit or Season Ticket at any time subject to these published Terms & Conditions.
  4. The Permit or Season Ticket remains the property of the Council. If it is cancelled or the holder is no longer eligible to hold it, the permit is no longer valid and it must be returned to the Council.
  5. An application and the receipt of payment for a Permit or a Season Ticket will be treated as an offer and will not constitute a legally binding contract in respect of the issue of a Permit or Season Ticket.
  6. If a Permit or Season Ticket has a vehicle registration detailed on it, it can only be used for that vehicle.
  7. We can put temporary arrangements in place for up to 14 days if you will be using a temporary vehicle or courtesy car. Please contact us giving as much notice as possible.
  8. A Permit or Season Ticket can only be used on a car or a small commercial vehicle. Where applicable, the vehicle’s overall height must be less than a car park’s height limit.
  9. The Council may ask for proof of entitlement to hold a Permit or Season Ticket.
  10. The Council will normally remind the holder to renew an expiring Permit or Season Ticket, but the holder remains responsible for ensuring they display a valid Permit or Season Ticket when they park.
  11. The Council may issue a temporary Permit or Season Ticket while an application for a new, replacement or changed Permit or Season Ticket is being processed.
  12. A £10 fee applies for refunding, replacing or changing a Permit or Season Ticket. 
  13. An altered, damaged or defaced Permit or Season Ticket is invalid.
  14. A Permit or Season Ticket does not guarantee a parking space.
  15. A fraudulent Permit or Season Ticket application may result in action under criminal law.