Types of personal information we collect | Privacy Notice and General Data Protection Policy | Sevenoaks District Council

Privacy Notice and General Data Protection Policy

Types of personal information we collect

We collect the personal data, such as those set out below, to carry out our services:

  • Personal details (including name, marital status, nationality photographs, signatures, address, contact details, date of birth, age, passport numbers)
  • Identification documents (including passports, driving licence, other ID cards, marriage certificates, deed polls, copies of credit card and utility bills, copies of bank and building society statements, other documentary evidence)
  • Family and household details
  • Financial information (including bank details, national insurance number, insurance, employment, income and expenditure)
  • Court order information (including an injunction, a restraining order, a non-harassment order, a domestic violence protection order)
  • Housing status
  • Armed Forces details
  • Property ownership
  • Vehicle registration
  • Licences or permits held
  • IP address
  • Records of Council services used
  • Employment details
  • Education details
  • Other information that you may provide to us

We may also process special categories of personal data such as:

  • A person’s racial or ethnic origin
  • Political opinions
  • Religious or philosophical beliefs
  • Any trade union membership
  • Mental or physical health
  • Sexual orientation

In some cases, we also hold and process information relating to criminal convictions.