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Conservation areas - Westerham

Westerham Conservation Area covers some 36 hectares and contains about 100 listed buildings.  It was designated in 1973 and extended in 1994.  It includes the historic centre of the town including St. Mary’s Church and the Green, some open parkland to the south, the Squerryes Court Estate and some of its associated park, and several well known properties such as Quebec House, Pitts Cottage and the Kings Arms Hotel.  The area extends from the junction of the A25 and Hosey Hill to the east, the western boundary of Squerryes Court bordering Goodley Stock Road to the west, and extends up to include parts of London Road to the north.

The surrounding countryside is designated as Green Belt and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which provides an important green setting for the town.

The town itself is a bustling small town in an attractive setting, which has a good number and variety of retail outlets, pubs and restaurants.  It is well known and popular with tourists visiting nearby Chartwell and Quebec House.

Small industry, long a part of the economic prosperity of the town, continues in the site of the old railway station to the north of the town.  There are also several office developments within the centre.

The main housing developments in the 20th and 21st century have developed to the north of the A25, although there have been some recent developments on infill sites along, or just off, the main road.

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